R & R Millwork was incorporated in 1994, currently employing over 40 skilled craftsmen and professional support staff.  Among this pool of talent are 3 crews of installers, estimators, draftsmen, supervisors, and support staff.  R & R Millwork is a bonded company, assuring our customers that work contracted is work delivered without worry.

Our forward leaning perspective drives our ownership towards utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and software making us a regional leader in capability and competency.  We use CAD and CAM software to allow seamless and instantaneous communication between the drawing board and the shop floor, minimizing errors and time lost waiting for paperwork to arrive.

Combining our software with the European cabinet construction model, panels leaving our main saws are marked with a custom bar-coded label, which is then read by each operation in succession.  Instructions are transmitted direct to each machine control to insure every part is configured precisely to specification without error.

Never being satisfied with the status quo of our capabilities, R & R Millwork is constantly upgrading our machinery and internal processes to insure each proposal is a competitive one, and that each job shipped is on par with the best millwork in the industry.






R & R Millwork is a full-spectrum provider of custom millwork; we produce everything from one-of-a-kind receptions stations to modular and high-volume casework. Our skilled workforce is able to produce both stained and plastic-laminated cabinetry and millwork to industry-established guidelines and meticulous quality standards. Our 40,000 square-foot production facility is really 2 shops in one; our main “euro-style” production floor, and our special customs shop-within-a-shop.

Each work group has top-line equipment and tooling to produce the products being manufactured in an efficient and precise manner. Our workshop is chiefly a “fly by wire” operation, where sophisticated computerized machine controls send and receive instructions over our shop-wide network.

At the front of the line in each shop is a computer-driven panel saw; each saw is coupled to a specialized bar code printer, which produces a unique label for each batch of parts cut on the saw. Each machine downstream is equipped with a scanner/reader to eliminate errors in part identification, pointing the machine towards the correct program, quickly performing its’ own setups automatically. Our “euro-shop” panel saw also features automated material handling; we can load an entire unit of 40 sheets of ¾” material in a single lift, allowing us to begin making parts when other shops may still be staging raw materials before they can even begin to produce your order!